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Sep 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
who stole a secret service truck in detroit over the weekend. what that means for the vice president's visit to detroit today. >>> time 7:14. new zealand withdrawing soldiers from afghanistan earlier than expected. new zealand's prime minister said all soldiers will be out by the end of april, five months ahead of schedule. ten soldiers have been killed in afghanistan. all foreign troops expected to be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. >>> it is 7:15. democrats are gathering in charlotte, north carolina this week for their national convention. sandra endo is in charlotte where the big question facing democrats as they push for president obama's reelection. good morning, sandra. >> reporter: good morning, tori. that's right. the whole question is are you better? and that's something the democrats will be responding to during their convention; but democrats are starting the week off with festivities. they are celebrating labor day. and tomorrow is when they get down to party business. the stage is set, and democrats are gathering up for their convention. the president spent the week
Sep 16, 2012 7:00am PDT
wear 49er gear, others will dress as detroit lions fans. counterfeit tickets and merchandise are also being looked for. the raiders kicked off against the dolphins. >>> mornings on 2:00 -- mornings on two ends early today. >> the raiders should have some nice weather in miami. here in san francisco we've gone again march, which brings the coast. >> overall, a nice day, especially away from the shoreline. temps cooling off. right now you can see that we of the sun coming up looking toward the mafia boy area. since this morning, you notice a big change. you thought yesterday morning was cold. get ready for this morning. the sun was up at 653 caucus morning. the fog has been expanding in coverage over the past hour. right now we have overcast for san francisco, mountain view, in san jose. clear skies toward concord. visibility down to about a half mile. forecast of 14 today, morning fog and it will still be warm inland. tomorrow, partly sunny skies and a little cooler. still a nice forecast on the mile to one side, but no major sheet showing up yet. i've been talking about the cool numbe
Sep 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
yesterday morning at a home near detroit. she received nationwide attention for collecting welfare benefits after winning a $735,000 lottery prize. friends say she was addicted to drugs including zanax. >> just went down the wrong path. when she got the money, the freedom, felt like she could do whatever she wanted. some people just don't have the will power. >> in june clayton pleaded no contest to fraud and repaid $5500. michigan officials say she did not inform the state about her lottery windfall. the controversy led to a new state law requiring lottery administrators to inform the state about new winners. >>> survivors of the movie theater massacre in colorado may be returning to the scene of the shooting. on thursday aurora's district attorney sent an e-mail to victims and family members of the 12 people skilled asking -- killed asking if they would like to visit the site. some of the survivors have expressed interest in returning to the theater for closure. >> it's not going to be pretty but i don't want my perception of the event of the theater the place to live in my head
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
buried beneath a home in detroit. yesterday, all eyes were on the home as police removed two soil samples from underneath a shed. they were acting on a tip from a man dying of cancer who says he saw a body being buried at the home around the time hoffa disappeared. a scan of the area showed something under a concrete slab, but police are not sure what exactly it is. >> it could be a dead body. if not hoffa, then somebody else. or it could be the root of a tree. who notice. >> police say the soil samples are being tested for traces of human remains, and that nothing else was found during the dig. hoff that was last seen outside -- hoffa was last seen outside a restaurant in suburban detroit back in 1975. >>> new this morning, it's official. the n.f.l. referees have approved a new eight year contract. now that contract comes after a three-month lockout that made headlines when replacement referees made a highly controversial call that gave the seahawks a win over the packers. one referee called the hail mary pass a touchdown while the other ruled it was an interception. the new cont
Sep 17, 2012 7:00am PDT
over the detroit lions. it wasn't all cheers for some fans. police kicked out rowdy spectators an several others were arrested for being drunk in public. some fans say they are okay with the increased enforcement. >> i think it's great. it keeps everyone on their toes and makes sure everyone goes in -- everything goes in to watch the game. >> yeah, 49ers! >> the 9ers won 27-19. they are now 2-0. the raiders lost to miami, 35-13. they are now 0-2. >>> a new study is out that says bay area transit systems are among either the most and least cost-efficient in america. the uc berkeley compared 54 transit district the all over the country. now, san francisco was ranked second best for cost efficiency behind denver. silicon valley was raved the second least cost-efficient transit system. the co-author of the study explained the results in a ktvu special report. >> unless you have the densities in place to really generates the trips and fill the bus, these are not gonna turn out to be cost-effective investments. >> now, a spokesperson says they are building for the future and are hoping
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5